How To Throw A Surprise Party

William Rios 
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Throwing planned parties where everyone is aware of what is happening is stressful enough – planning one that you have to keep secret from one individual is even more so. There are many things that can go wrong and many steps you must take to make sure everything goes right. Here’s a few tips to make sure your party is a success.

Making a Guest List

Making sure everyone that is important is invited and nobody is left out is a crucial part of being a planner of a surprise. Sit down and make a list of all the friends, relatives, colleagues that you think should be at the event. Then, contact one person from each of those circles to check if you missed out on anyone. In this digital age, getting everyone’s email addresses or phone numbers is an easy task – creating a group online is also simple. Use a communication method that is convenient to pass on messages regarding the proceedings. If many people can’t make it on the day you thought of having the party, it is best to change it to a day that the majority are comfortable with.

Choosing a Venue and Food

Depending on the amount of people that are showing up, you will have to decide if you want to have the party outside of the house. If you are, in fact, hoping to have it at home, make sure there is enough space for people to hide in, when the intended guest arrives. Finding a reliable catering companies are easy – in fact, they will help you with setting up, organizing the menu and getting a cake done. Making sure everything and everyone involved is following a plan is vital. Wherever you choose to have the party, make sure everything else can be accommodated.


Keep decorations minimal or hidden away until the last moment where you can set them up. It’s easier and more fun to ask the guests to arm themselves with snow spray, confetti poppers and balloons so that they can unleash their force when the intended guest arrives at the venue.

Pulling it Off

Once you have all the necessities in order – decorations, party food catering company, guests, timing – you only have to make sure the surprise is done properly. For this, it is important that you develop an alibi for yourself and make sure the recipient of the surprise is occupied way before the designated time. Most people enlist the help of a best friend or a significant other to keep the person occupied while everyone else gathers at the venue and bring the person in when the time is right. You can also do this – make sure you consult the right person for the job and make sure they know exactly what to do.

Making sure a surprise party goes off without a hitch is nerve wrecking to say the least – having a system and method to go about it is bound to ease the burden and help you do the job well.

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